A Sudden Surprise
Season 01, Episode 01
Air date 07/03/12
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Crafting a Threat
A Sudden Surprise is the first episode of Minecraft: Apocalypse.


Steve chopped off the final block of wood of the tree, he turned around, it was dawn, the sun was going down and he was far away from his house. “I’ll just have to make a temporary one.” Steve thought, he took out his backpack and took out his supply of dirt and torches, but it was too late, night arrived.

Steve frantically rushed on the hide-out, he put a few dirt blocks to make a house, he knew it was very fragile if a creeper came, but it was his only choice. He waited for the night to go down, when suddenly, a zombie appeared beside him.

The torches!” Steve yelled in his mind. “How could I forget them?” the zombie attacked Steve and attempted to bite into Steve’s flesh, but fortunately, the zombie wasn’t smart enough to realize Steve had iron armor on, and with one swipe of his sword, Steve brought the zombie down.

The sun came up as Steve collected the rotten flesh on the ground, his hunger bar was low, so he ate some steak he saved in his bag, Steve stepped out of the dirt house… Only to realize there were hundreds of creepers, and burning zombies and skeletons outside.

. . .

A creeper exploded, Steve had no chance of surviving, but his mind urged him on to keep fighting, the undead had all burned up, but there were still creepers running around causing mayhem, luckily for Steve, most of them started to fall into the giant holes they made themselves, if it weren’t for that, Steve would have died.

The block-man headed home, his armor had disappeared, due to the swarm of explosions the had surrounded him recently, he was down to one heart, and he wasn’t healing properly for some reason.

After half a day, Steve reached his house, a big wooden cabin with two floors, but he could see many things from the windows, night was falling again, mobs began to appear, but Steve knew what to do, he had only seven iron ingots, not enough to make a full piece of armor, but enough to make a sword and a helmet. Suddenly, at all sides of his windows, zombies began to break the glass, but the gaps were too small, the crowd was pushed back as skeletons started to shoot arrows at Steve, but he got out some cobblestone and blocked the gaps. Steve wondered what had happened to Minecraft, he had plenty of time to think about it, if he wanted to starve to death, but he needed to survive, it was the point of the game.


  • A Sudden Surprise is the first ever episode to be written on the wiki (not counting any stories).