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Aelurus (also known as the Overworld, Realm of Aelurus, Earth Prime-C-56, or the Magic World) is an continent on the planet of Minecraftia.

Creation EraEdit

Aelurus came into existence when Phalex, Aelos, Venenifer and Ianite banded together and used their power to form the land, oceans, skies, and the other needed for life. However, most of the work was done by Phalex, to which Aelos get envious of his power, and tried to take that power, which almost caused a war with other deities in other dimensions. This forced Phalex to banish Aelos to Netherworld, and this made Phalex the God of the Overworld, and Aelos the God of Hell.

After some time of Aelurus creation, the Goddess of Magic, Venenifer enriched the very soil and the very soul of the land with magic called Ethernano. This Ethernano spread across Aelurus, and forming supernaturals and magic entities and beings. Such as the undead, skeletons and new creatures, such as the creepers.

Another time after Aelurus was rich with in magic, the goddess Ianite wanted to make her own entire realm. So, she created the End, an declared herself as Queen of the End (to CaptainCherryz, Goddess of the End). She also made her own creatures, such as the Enderman, Endermites, and the Guardians of Sea Temples.

Culturis EraEdit

The Culturis Era was the era where ancient civilizations existed. Not much is known on this era, but there are legacies left be hide by those who came before.

First EraEdit

First CenturyEdit

This is the current century of the First Era. Around this time, the only known inhabitant is CaptainCherryz, who is trying to survive on Aelurus alone.