Bread is a food item added in Indev, and available in Indev, Alpha, and Beta.


  • Wheat farming is reliable. Pigs and mushrooms are spawned randomly. Though both are relatively plentiful, it is more reliable to obtain food from a field of crops than to hunt for randomly generated entities.
  • A field of crops may be left to grow for 2–3 days while mining underground, then harvested and re-planted upon returning to the surface, ensuring a reliable source of food and allowing for relatively uninterrupted mining.
  • Porkchops, cake, and fish cannot be stacked and take up far more space in the inventory.
  • Farming may be slow at first, but in the end can be more efficient than farming mushrooms for mushroom stew.
  • Farming is safer in many cases as the farm can be placed in a guarded area close to a shelter. Fields can be safely harvested at night - to get grilled pork or mushrooms after sunset places the player at greater risk of being attacked by hostile mobs.


  • Farming can be lengthy. It takes creating a hoe, getting seeds, plotting a field, planting, and the wait to harvest.
  • It doesn't heal as much as a cooked porkchop does, so more bread is needed.