Iron Golems are large, 3 block-high, strong utility mobs. Their main purpose is to defend Villagers in NPC Villages They will take damage from hostile mobs but will not take damage from falling.


Golems will automatically spawn in NPC Villages naturally, provided there are 15 villagers. It does not even have to be a naturally generated Village; as long as there are 15 villagers and a house, an Iron Golem will spawn.

The player may create them using blocks in a similar fashion to Snow Golems. To do so, the player must place 4 Blocks of Iron in a T-shape, and then place a Pumpkin or a Jack-O-Lantern on top. This is equivalent to 36 Iron Ingots, making creation somewhat of a task. They will always spawn facing south. Does not always work.


  • Iron Golems do not attack creepers.
  • Sometimes Iron Golems hold out roses to the villagers.