Fire Slimes (also known as Magma Cubes) are hostile mobs found in the Nether and will have been released in 1.9 Beta. When they move, they jump up and momentarily unravel into several layers, giving them the appearance of a spring and revealing a molten lava core inside. An unique ability to these creatures is they don't drown in lavas, but they can in water.


  • Magma Cubes can not jump out of lava if the lava is too deep but they will not die/drown.
  • Magma Cubes seem to be the Nether equivalent of Slimes. Although they appear similarly, the components of their .pngs are quite different.
  • Every Magma Cube size drops experience orbs, not only the smallest slime.
  • Magma Cubes will also split into smaller cubes just like slimes.

Farming Edit

It's easy! just get up in a tall block area and set up a lever., then with red stone, wire it, with a trap door, then when a magma cube comes, pull the lever!