Max and the Secrets of Herobrine is an upcoming Minecraft fan-fiction story where a 15-year old learns about the great game of Minecraft from his friends, and spots Herobrine when he first plays. Now he goes on a search for the ghost that most believe doesn't exist...


15-year old Maximilian Fisher spots his friend Yuri Powers playing a block-infested game called Minecraft on a school player. When he's pressured by Yuri to play the game, he sees a human similar in appearance to himself and chases after it. When he can't seem to catch up with it, he vows to find Herobrine by playing in the seed "whereherobrinelives."


  • The series was originally titled "Where Herborine Lives: Max's Story," after the seed being used.
    • The seed has not been tested yet. It will be tested for telling the story.