Minecraft 1.10.0 is a Version Sequel to Version 1.9-pre1.

Minecraft v1.10.0

Released At:

July 4, 2015 (Worldwide)


Sandbox, Shooter

New Items Edit

Blocks : Edit

Rug (similar to carpet, but faster to build a rug than a carpet.) Edit

Kid Blocks ( A B and C are the Only Blocks Available.) Edit

Building (A Building.) Edit

Building With Window (Same as the "Building" Block, but with a window.) Edit


Items : Edit

Bullet (Used to craft guns.) Edit

Fire Axe Edit

AK-47 Edit

Desert Eagle Edit

P90 Edit

MP4 Edit

UZI Edit

Micro UZI Edit

More Items will be Coming Soon...

Crafting Edit

AK-47 : Edit

3 Stones + 1 Gunpowder

Fire Axe : Edit

1 Axe + 2 Potion of Healing + 3 Redstones

Bullet : Edit

5 Redstones + 2 Gunpowder + 4 Building Edit

Kid Blocks : Edit

3 Wooden Planks + 1 Rug Edit

More Crafting Items will Be Coming Soon....