The 1.14 Griefer's paradise update adds many things griefers would like,such as tnt,poison etc

Items Edit

Grenade - A throwable weapon that when thrown it creates a small explosion where it lands. Very useful for penetrating through claimed factions bases. However cannot pass through water or Obsidian. Crafted with six gunpowder in a door shape.

Miner Bomb - Similar to a grenade but it makes an explosion in such a way where it leaves the land perfectly flat

Ghast Grenade - A Grenade crafted with one grenade and one ghast tear. Destroys only obsidian. Useful for penetrating through overpowered factions.

Poison Bucket - A bucket which has poison in it. Poison gives you the poison effect and its a lime green color,useful for covering bases.

Explosive Arrow - An arrow tipped with gunpowder which deals more damage to mobs but does not destroy any land

Greenstone - Crafted with 9 lime dye around a redstone. Used for triggering Great TNT.

Blocks Edit

Quicksand - Found in Swamps and Jungles.

Great TNT - A larger version of TNT crafting by placing 8 tnt and a gunpowder in center. Great for total destruction but can only be triggered by Greenstone

Mobs Edit

Super Creeper - A more dangerous Creeper which gives a bigger explosion than a Charged Creeper

Super Charged Creeper - Even worse than a Super Creeper.