The Ocelot is a tamable mob that first appeared in Minecraft Snapshot 12w04a. This mob only spawns in the Jungle Biome, which was also added in the "Snapshot" 12w04a.


The Ocelots' appearance is based off of the 'Ocelot', or "Dwarf leopard"'s appearance [1]


Ocelots are very shy, but will pounce and ambush chickens. They will follow the player when tamed. Also when tamed, the ocelots can sit and stand. Creepers are also afraid of Cats. Tamed Ocelots will make cat sounds too.


You need Raw Fish straight, without looking around, not moving around, until a Ocleot comes. Once tamed, they will turn into a domestic cat, by color.


You can breed tamed Ocelots by using raw fish on them. This will tame the ocelots and not breed them if you breed the ocelot it self.


Ocelots spawn during the day like passive mobs.They also have their own Spawner Egg


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