Pigs are passive mobs that spawn in groups of 5, in grassy areas. When a saddle is used on them (by right clicking), they become rideable to the player, but are unable to be controlled. The saddle cannot be removed once it has been placed on the pig. As of Beta 1.5, a pig will morph into a Zombie Pigman when struck by lightning. They have height of 1.1875 blocks, length of 1.25 blocks and Width of 0.625 blocks. As of 1.8, pigs now have a snout. If you hit a pig, the pig will flee for a short while and, if it's killed the pig will drop 0-2 porkchops; 0-2 cooked porkchops if the pig was set on fire.


Pigs are good for porkchop farming. First, make fences 4 blocks wide and 1 block deep with a fence gate, then attack a pig and let it run in the farm. Then get more, and kill one pig once a day for meat.

Breeding Edit

Pigs Can Be Fed Wheat To Make A Baby Pig (Sometimes Called A Piglet.) Baby Pigs Would Wander Around The Place While There Parents Will Keep On Following The Baby. It Takes One Full Minecraft Day (Or 5 Minutes) For The Baby Pig To Grow Into A Full Male Pig.


  • Because the pig can be saddled the pig has two image files, one saddled and one not.
  • A pig can be breeded by giving it Wheat. This also applies to Cows, Sheep and Chickens.