A Skeleton is a hostile mob that shoots arrows and drops 0-2 bones and/or 0-2 arrows upon death. Like zombies, they spawn in darkness and burn in sunlight. Skeletons are the only source of bones. Skeletons fire arrows with moderate accuracy, firing toward head level when at full health and aiming a hip level when injured. When a skeletons arrow hits another hostile mob, the hostile mob will attack the skeleton. Skeletons are more of a threat than other hostile mobs because of their ranged attacks and when they get close to the player they will jump and dodge. Skeletons can also climb ladders.


When skeletons fire arrows in a 2 block high area, they will rarely hit the player. This is because the arrows travel in a arch and get stuck in the ceiling. The player is usually safe then, but if the skeletons get close, the arrows are more likely to hit them.


Bones dropped by skeletons can be used to make bone meal. Bone meal, when applied to grass blocks, will grow tall grass and flowers. Bone Meal can also be used to make dyes, or applied to wheat, melons, pumpkins, and saplings to mature the crop instantly (for melons and pumpkins, they only grow halfway). Bones can be used to tame wolves. A recent update allows bone meal to be applied to a mushroom to create a giant mushroom.

Farming Edit

In survival mode, farming skeletons are almost impossible. You require full Diamond Armour, for the farming. You trap them in a glass block building, with the roof with any solid block, and it will not burn at day. Or you find a Monster Spawner, and surround it with rock, make a water pit 4 blocks deep, with a hole at the glass part to let all bones in. Then spread it at a wheat field, then pour water , and Skeletons will appear. Or the 3rd way. You make a deep hole. ( 3 blocks deep) Then set a trapdoor. Then Make a Leaver, follwed by Red stone. Then when night comes, pull the lever and a skeleton will fall in.

Bugs Edit

There is chance that when a skeleton falls on a spider, and become a spider jockey.

Use Edit

In creative, a skeleton can only start mob battles.They are used to find music disc by letting a skeleton kill a creeper.