Slimes are hostile mobs only found deep underground in caves. Slimes can be harmless, as when they are killed they will split into many smaller versions (unless the way they are killed deals more than 0.5 hearts more than needed to kill that sized slime).


One huge slime can split into hundreds of little slimes (exact maximum is 128). However, tiny slimes do not deal damage. There are currently 4 sizes of slimes, Huge, big, medium and tiny. Only tiny Slimes drop 0-2 slimeballs, items that are used for crafting Sticky Pistons. Slimes spawn in layer 16 and lower, in any light, and in any size rooms. However, only certain chunks will spawn slimes. Hacked Slime sizes can be added onto the game. They don't seem to be able to jump out of water.

Farming Edit

It's hard, but easy. Just find a Big slime in a cave, surround it with walls 5 blocks high, make a ladder getaway. ( So you would not die!) and Then hit it, and you will be farming 4 slimes! Of course, small.

Trivia Edit

  • They do despawn as of 1.1.0 if the difficulty is set to peaceful.
  • Since Slimes spawn only in deep areas, Slimes will spawn alot more on Superflat. This is because the ground level is three blocks above Bedrock.