Snow Golems (also known as Snowmen) are unique mobs that are created by players. When created, as they walk, they leave snow trails for the players to collect, but they won't leave trails in desert biomes and the Nether. Because of this, they will gradually melt. Upon death, they drop snowballs.


Snow Golems throw snowballs at hostile mobs, provoking them. This gives them an almost suicidal nature, as the thrown snowballs do not do significant damage, except to Blazes and the Enderdragon. Snow Golems attract enemies, making them useful for luring enemies into traps. They are also capable of drawing enemies away from the player. In Beta 1.9 Pre-release, Snow Golems sometimes forget to attack monsters. Snow Golems have good pathing skills, and will not jump off cliffs or into lava. They will attempt to move towards hostile mobs, and, as of 1.0.0, will even open and go through doors to reach them. Snow Golems can go through doors and trapdoors.

How to BuildEdit

To create a Snow Golem, the player must vertically stack two Snow Blocks on the ground, then place a pumpkin on top of it. This does not require a crafting table. An alternative for pumpkins can be substitute for an Jack-O-Lantern. The pumpkin is just a mask, under neath it there is a normal snowman face.


  • Endermen can create snow golems, however, this is extremely rare.
  • Snow golems do not take any fall damage.