The Spider is a hostile mob. They are neutral or aggressive, depending on the light situation. They are able to climb walls and drop 0-2 string when killed. They are 2 blocks wide and about 1 block tall.


Their aggression type is unique: when bright enough, the spider is neutral towards the player, and will not attack unless provoked. When provoked, or the environment gets dark enough (such as during a rainstorm or nightfall), the spider will become hostile towards the player. If the player builds an overhang by their buildings, it will protect the player's buildings from spiders climbing their walls. When struck by lightning, they will become a Spider Jockey. Spiders make a hissing sound and can see through walls, allowing them to target a player easily. The player can easily distinguish the spider by their red, glowing eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • If the spider is far enough, the player may see a white silhouette of the spider, even through solid objects.