A Spider Jockey are an uncommon hostile mob. When this mob spawns, there is a very rare chance (1%) that a skeleton will spawn with it on a spider's back. This can be a very deadly combination, as spiders move very fast and can climb walls, and skeletons can shoot from far range. This mob is treated as two mobs, so when one dies the other survives. If you are beneath the spider, skeleton shoots the spider.


  • When there is rain in the day, the spider will become neutral because it is light enough, yet the skeleton will not burn because it is dark enough.
  • Tame wolves will attack the mob if the player first hits, so if they fight with wolves, it is recommended to hit the spider as wolves might not be able to reach the skeleton if that is their target.
  • They are a fairly glitchy mob, as the skeleton can shoot the spider whilst it is jumping.

Spawning (Creative (Game Mode only) Edit

It is rumored that if a skeleton fell on a spider , it will spawn a spider jockey.These require Spawner Eggs.