Squid are 8-armed creatures that are always passive towards the player, akin to the other passive mobs found on land. They can be found in water of any depth in any biome and spawn on any difficulty. Squid are the first passive water mob to appear in Minecraft.


When moving about, the squid's tentacles open and close, giving them an appearance of pushing themselves forward. Squid will hover in place and wander around one layer aimlessly and do not deliberately interact with the player, even if attacked. Squids become immobile when beached on the land. They can take fall damage and burn like any land mob, but they cannot drown, being aquatic creatures, yet they will stay alive if taken out of water. Squid behave like other mobs and can de-spawn. If killed a squid will drop 0-3 ink sacs


  • It is possible to punch a squid onto land.
  • If squid are hacked into a monster spawner, they can spawn on land.
  • It is possible for squid to spawn in underground lakes or waterfalls due to their ability to spawn in any light level and in any depth of water, source block or not.
  • Squids Cannot Be Breeded.