The Wrath Of Herobrine is a story written by Brian.


We see Steve in a cave, mining gold and diamonds.There are some torches in the wall. A ladder is behind him. Someone climbs down the ladder.

"Heya, so what do you get?" The guy said.

"Gold and diamonds. I'm going to make weapons and armors and stuff, Swampy." Steve answered.

"Cool, I will mine some too." Swampy picked up his pick-axe and starts mining. the background, there are two white eyes staring at them. Then, it disappeared.

"I feel someone is watching us." Swampy said. "Really? Probably a Creeper?" Steve said. "I don't know...let's make this quick." He quickly mined some diamonds and climbed up the ladder, followed by Steve.

"It's almost night. Let's go to sleep." Steve said. He ran toward the direction of their house. Swampy followed behind him.

Now, we can see a tree, behind it was a shadowy figure with no pupils.


Steve and Swampy is inside the house. The house is made of iron and cobblestones.

"You sure the Snow Golems can keep the mobs away?" Swampy asked.

"Pretty sure. Just trust me." Steve answered. They went to each other's room and fell asleep.


Swampy got up and opened the door.

"HOLY CRAP! All the Snow Golems vanished!" Swampy shouted. Steve, hearing this, got up immediatedly and went to the door.

"What the block?" Steve said with a confused look on his face. Swampy shrugged. In a corner, we can see the white eyes from before.

"Again, I feel something is watching us..." Swampy said.

To be completed...