Wolves are a neutral mob that hunt sheep when untamed. They will not attack the player unless the player attacks them first. If the player use bones on wolves, hearts shimmer around them for a second and they will either sit or follow the user around. Unlike before, they would also appear to have a red 'collar' around their necks, and there eyes will be changed as in the picture above. This indicates that the wolf has been tamed. It takes a random number of bones (between 1 and 5) to tame wolves. Once a wolf is tamed and following the player, if he/she is attacked by any aggressive mob (except Creepers, as the Wolf will die before it can even attack) or hit a mob with anything, the wolf will attack them and protect the owner from harm. Strangely enough, if you are to carry a piece of Rotten Flesh wolves would rotate their heads to the right and beg.


Tamed wolves can be trained to sit, switching them from 'mobile' to 'stationary' by right clicking on them. (NOTE that this is only temporary as if the player gets hit by hostile mobs, his/her wolves would still go back into their 'mobile' mode and attack the mobs. (Protecting the player) There seems to be a popular belief that when taming wolves in SP and then switching to MP mode, and then switching back to SP mode, the wolves seems to be uncontrollable and will turn hostile towards the owner, jumping from an odd sitting position, but will still have the tamed appearance and will not growl like normal hostile wolves. if they hit them, or give them bread to eat. If the wolf is sitting and begging, it is possible (but rare) that it will not follow the player. In this case, they may have to hit the wolf for it to begin to follow you. Hitting it with a weapon will do the same thing, but cause damage. Wolves don't eat cake as well.


  • Wolves will attack any sheep, pig, and cow on-sight, unless tamed.
  • Wolves will constantly take damage, not just being attacked. They may also lose health falling from blocks 3 or higher, drowning or contact with a cactus.
  • If you hit a wild wolf, they will be hostile and hit you back.
  • When wolves are hostile, they will no longer be tamed.
  • If you hit a wolf while it is close to other wolfs, those other wolves will attack as well.
  • If you hit yourself with an arrow during the previous versions of Minecraft, your own tamed wolf/wolves would have attacked you.