Zombies are a Hostile Mob that spawn in low light areas.


Zombies are not usually a threat on their own but they tend to attack in hordes, which makes them harder to battle against especially on hard difficulty. Zombies are also planned to be semi-intelligent in 1.2, being able to go around obstacles and follow the player more closely, which will greatly increase the threat the make. Zombies target the player when the player is within a 16 block radius and as long as there are blocks, such as glass, in the way, the player will be attacked. They could be found armoured until armoured zombies were removed in Indev. They are considered the least dangerous mob in the game as they are slow and use close range attacks; they also don't jump except after being hit or in pursuit of a player. Zombies will never cross the following; Water, lava, and areas below them with a five block vertical area without blocks.


Zombies can be easily identified by their green skin and blue torsos. They also wear dark blue/purple trousers and are the only mob that is dressed like a player (as if another player was was zombiefied). They make constant growling noises when they are nearby, giving away their location and allowing the player to prepare for it.


Because of their melee attack, it's easy if you are prepared. Just get a ladder, in a building 4 blocks high, with a roof, then make a door, and then attack a zombie, and then let him follow you. Then, when the zombie comes in, shut the door, climb up the ladder, and get out. Also, get glass around the building in order for a good view, or use the Trap-in strategy. You just make a hole 4 blocks deep, and then put a trap door at top, and then follow it with redstone with a lever, then pull the lever when a zombie comes.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the 1.8 update, instead of Rotten Flesh, Zombies would drop feathers on death, making them a difficult alternative to chickens.
  • When they come into contact with sun light, they will burn up.
  • In Minecraft: Pokémon, they are replaced by Professor Oaks.