Zombie pigmen are a Neutral mob, and drop 0-1 pieces of Rotten Flesh upon death as well as 0-1 golden nugget. They usually travel in groups of 4-10, and will not attack the player unless the player attacks them first. Zombie pigmen are able to drown, but not die because of lava if in contact with it for a certain period of time. Because they are well-armed, zombie pigmen are highly dangerous to an unsuspecting player, considering the Ghasts and horrible terrain of the Nether.


Attacking one zombie pigman will cause the whole group of nearby zombie pigmen to become hostile and attack you. Setting the Mode to Peaceful will get rid of all zombie pigmen, unlike wolves. If the player is attacked by a group of zombie pigmen and returns to the nether soon afterward, the zombie pigmen will remain hostile.


  • The green liquid in the zombie pigman skin was originally red to resemble blood, but was changed because players expressed a want for the lack of blood and gore in Minecraft.
  • Zombie pigmen were originally passive, unarmed creatures in a preview before the Halloween update. After Alpha 1.2, they were changed to neutral and held gold swords.
  • Before pigmen would never forgive the player for attacking them; after the Nov. 10, 2010 update, they reverted to a neutral state after a certain amount of time if left alone.
  • Zombie Pigmen are the only Neutral Mob that does not change their eye-color when attacked.
  • Zombie Pigmen do not lose health from Lava.